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T.D. Jakes Stands on Right Ground: Christianity & Homosexuality

Im one who is quick to push TD Jakes into a “Christian” circle with Ted Hagaard and Joel Olsteen… (in other words a bit OFF when it comes to good pastors).

But I am also one who gives credit where it is due.

Recently, TD Jakes went on Oprah (sigh*) to talk about his “Fame” and MegaChurch and criticisms.

Then Oprah touched on that one subject that is known to put pastors under the microscope - Homosexuality. A pastor, in this position has 2 options:

  • 1) Stand your ground on your opinion and be called Homophobic, arrogant, a bigot, and narrow minded,
  • 2) Compromise and say there is nothing wrong with it (absolutely unbiblical…).

In my opinion, TD answered this issue perfectly!

OPRAH:"Would you say that everybody is embraced in your church?" Winfrey asked. "Cause you know you have been accused of saying that gay people would not be welcome."

TD: "That’s not true at all," Jakes began. "The perception in our society today is that if you don’t say you’re for same-sex marriage or if you say homosexuality is a sin that you’re homophobic and you’re against gay people. And that’s not true.”

The pastor continued, “I’m not called to give my opinion. I’m called as a pastor to give the scriptural position on it,” the pastor added. “Doesn’t mean that I have to agree with you to love you. I don’t dislike anybody. I love everybody.”

Winfrey went on to ask if Jakes thinks being gay is a sin.

TD: “I think that sex between two people of the same sex is condemned in the Scriptures, and as long as it is condemned in the Scriptures, I don’t get to say what I think. I get to say what the Bible says,” Jakes said.

A perfect answer. You see, people like to act like we as Christian’s position ourselves on things because we want to or because we want to be better or “more holy” than you and then boast on it. NO. We believe in the Scriptures as Truth and if we compromise Truth, we are not living by it - the Words of God.

Its amazing though, how even though TD said:

“ if you don’t say you’re for same-sex marriage or if you say homosexuality is a sin that you’re homophobic and you’re against gay people. And that’s not true.”

That the FIRST, the very FIRST thing these media/society people he talked about went and did exactly what he predicted.

Critics immediately contradicted Jakes’ comments by branding the pastor’s statements as “homophobic” and “anti-gay,” with some in the liberal media even calling the megachurch pastor hypocritical in light of an incident involving one of his son’s several years ago.

New York-based Gawker.com portrayed Winfrey as asking Jakes if he “likes gay people,” while calling the minister a bigot.

”[…] she lets Jakes spout anti-gay sentiment while swearing off homophobia,” Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak writes in his article, titled “Anti-Gay Pastor Doesn’t Want to Be Known For Being Anti-Gay.”

Juzwiak claims that by “disagreeing” with gay people, one is actually “disagreeing with something that is fundamental to their existence: how they love.” He goes on to insinuate that holding a biblical view of homosexuality “values an institution over human beings who are going to love each other and be together anyway, like they have been since the dawn of time.”

Dismissively calling Jakes’ “love” for homosexuals worthless, Juzwiak points readers to a 2009 report on Jermaine Jakes’ arrest in a “gay sex sting” in a local park. Jakes’ stepson was accused of exposing himself to two undercover police officers.

How pathetically predictable is that!?

Look at how one critic calls TD’s love for Homosexual’s as “worthless” simply for disagreeing. Really???

You see, people, it IS possible to be a SECULAR bigot, and these people above have showed that perfectly.

Let me say one last thing.

TOLERANCE does not constitute APPROVAL of something.

Tolerance is: a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward thosewhose opinions, practices, racereligionnationality, etc.,differ from one’s own…

TOLERANCE means there is an existence of a difference, but you accept that difference and live with its existence. It does NOT mean to force the other side to stop believing what they believe. 

If you are going to be a Christian, you HAVE to accept the Word as Truth. If you are outside of the fold, than you… of course… do not. 

As Christians, the Bible is not Tolerant. We should, and you should, know this. It is black and white “if you are not with Me you are against Me…” says Christ. Black and White!

But for you secular critics… you are being just as INTOLERANT when you attack us, for believing in the Holy Scriptures and what they say. That my friend is secular Bigotry.

What is bigotry? 

Bigotry is stubborn and complete intolerance of any creedbelief, oropinion that differs from one’s own.

As Christians, we are Intolerant of Sin. Its true. But we do not force anyone to believe if they do not want them to… [I] simply ask that if they want to not believe - they completely remove themselves from us so as to not display a false image of the Scriptures.

The Secularist/Homosexual critics against the Christian/Biblical stance on Homosexuality is being FAR more Bigoted in that it is attempting to FORCE the church to change their beliefs… (or in other words not follow scripture).

So… again - thank you Pastor TD Jakes for standing on Solid Ground, on this issue. I pray that you do the same in all things.