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The problem with the Conservative economic and social ideologies are that they take education to first understand and then believe. It cannot be summarized in catch phrases like “Forward” or “Yes We Can,” but its followers are just as fervent. Liberalism, like a reckless youth, is a de-facto state of mind that seeks instant gratification, pursuing equality and compassion even if it means losing liberty and reason. It’s surprisingly easy to be a liberal; one need not be progressive or innovative as they portray themselves but rather, he can simply remain apathetic - going with the flow or the new flavor of the week, like many do. Conservatism on the other hand is like fine wine, often appreciated most when some time is allowed to pass. Conservatism is aged and perfected by taking a step back and observing the full context, unafraid to critique or exclaim “no” or “wait a minute,” while the tides of humanity rush across the broad road to destruction. Conservatism is learned, and when enlightened, not easily extinguished.

…now if only this instant gratification society had the patients to be educated, rather than socially indoctrinated.

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