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Since its inception, America has declared - and later perfected - the ideal of Equality as “Equal Opportunity.” The DNC has clearly illustrated its stance and wish to align with an old foreign, European, ideal of “Equal Outcome.”


[An Illustration: The 100M Sprint]

Equality of Opportunity: Government is solely there to ensure the open, free, accessibility for the races - free from illegal performance enhancers. It is your decision to chose which equipment you will utilize for the race (cleats, wear, etc.) and your outcome will be based on your individual performances as granted from God-given ability, skill, training and hard work.

Equality of Outcome: No matter how hard you train, no matter how good your performance equipment you invested in is, no matter your God-given talent, and no matter what place you come in in the race - Government will step in to ensure that everyone gets a gold medal. [Link]

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