The U.S. Supreme Court should announce Monday whether it will hear the ADX v. Reedcase from San Diego State.   We have discussed this case before and it involves abad decision by the Ninth Circuit upholding the decision of San Diego State officials to force a Christian fraternity and sorority on campus to allow non-Christians to join, even though SDSU allows secular student groups to exclude from membership and leadership students who disagree with the groups’ viewpoints.  So that means the student vegetarian club can exclude those who advocate for meat eating and animal hunting, but Christian groups cannot exclude those advocating atheism or Buddhism, etc.

This case is a follow up to the Supreme Court’s disappointing decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez in June 2011, in which it upheld an “all comers” policy at UC-Hastings Law School in San Francisco, a policy that forced all student groups to allow all students to join their club.   Late last year, San Diego State tried to subvert our appeal to the Supreme Court by abruptly adopting an all comers policy, even though it has defended its religion-specific policy for years in court.  The Supreme Court should realize its orders list at 10:00 am Eastern Time.  Stay tuned.


Alpha Delta Chi (ADX) is my girlfriend’s Sorority (USC) which Began in 1925 at UCLA 
ADX is also Alpha Gamma Omega, which began at UCLA in 1927, Fraternity’s Official Sister Sorority. I am from Alpha Gamma Omega UCLA.

As it stand, AGO USC is not associated to SDSU for its policy of requiring Executive members to be Christian.